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Established in 2009.

Clean dog kennels

We have a very old dog that stayed last year for three nights and she was cared for so well. . . I noticed how clean the kennels were. . . No nasty smells. . . The dogs get lovely long walks. I must thank the Swindlehurst family once again for their time and care. We will be back.



Lynefoot Kennels Ltd contains 17 individual, spacious accommodation kennels, suitable for all breeds. Each contains its own outside run and elevated window for natural lighting. Your dog is able to move freely, indoors and outside, throughout the day. Regular visits to the field are also provided at least twice a day. Vet-beds and blankets are provided on arrival, however, we would encourage you to bring some home comforts. However, should they decide to destroy their bedding, we cannot accept responsibility for the damage. Lynefoot Kennels Ltd pride themselves on offering outstanding service to clients throughout Carlisle and the surrounding area.

Dog Kennels

At Lynefoot Kennels Ltd, we strive to feed your dog to your exact requirements, maintaining routine at all times. Our staff will ensure that your dog has a constant supply of fresh water.


  • Daily exercise

  • Secure open fields

  • Fun & games

  • Opportunity to run freely


If required, special dietary requirements will be maintained throughout your dog's stay. Contact Lynefoot Kennels Ltd.


If your animal requires dog grooming, Lynefoot Kennels Ltd can book them into their neighbouring salon, 'Posh Paws'.


All dogs must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza and Leptospirosis. In addition, Kennel Cough Vaccination is recommended. Kennel Cough can be caught anywhere. It is carried in air spores. On arrival, please bring an up-to-date vaccination certificate, signed by your Veterinarian.

Dog grooming

What a warm and welcoming place. I have never been to such clean and tidy boarding kennels. My two puppies had the time of their lives.